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September 18, 2006


Tom B

We were flying at our local JR High one Sunday morning when one of the guys had the same depth perception issue with his Bubble Dancer. He popped the spoiler and it drops flat on the wire, same deal, massive thunderous boom, wing bursts into flames and falls into the home owners tree below the wires. Poor guy is outside shooting water up into the tree to douse the fire, his wife FREAKING out on the phone to 911 screaming that an airplane just crashed in her front yard. Apparently the dispatcher was getting ready to roll the entire valleys EMT and Fire station folks to the scene because she is screaming a great big plane into the phone. They had been watching us fly for months and knew the biggest was about a 12 foot span, but to the non-initiated that is huge. The plane owner gets to the scene and loudly says "Ma'am, its a model plane" and the dispatcher heard that. So we got one Firetruck full of bored Fire fighters that only said, "dang, that was a nice plane" and drove off. 4,000 folks lost power for about 30 seconds, and the pilot got his nickname, which he hates...


Tom B

Tony Merritt

Some salvage - hmmmm. Nothing to salvage from my Salome!


Ed Anderson

I have never visited the power grid but I saw a spectra 2M electric do it once. No carbon in the wins but it still caught fire.

If you recover any part of the plane you can consider yourself lucky.

At least it came down! :o

Brian Chan

That's not too bad! Did you knock out the power grid? Rich Spicer once "landed" a F3B ship on the power line, carbon reinforced of course. The plane looked about the same as your HLG! Most of the wing had disappeared. He also knocked out the power to several hundred home in teh Morgan Hill area.


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