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January 13, 2009


Carolyn R. Stieben

I am looking for a renagade kit for my boyfriend. He has been flying on Del Val hill just before the park in Livermoore, Ca. for almost thirty years. He wants this kit real bad. Please email me if you have any info. Thanks.

Jake May

shure like to get my hands on a carbon renegade jake may 619-778-9778

Rocky Greenland

hi paul,

a few years ago i tried to get a fun one class slope race organized in the portland area. little success, as too many pilots found that when the field was leveled they did not win! they found way too many faults with the kit and it was more than i could deal with, with that said, i have enjoyed charlies planes more than any other design i have had the pleasure to build.
i have not flown for a few years, and i am in the process of restoring the renegade and the turbo with the 6062 airfoil. i look forward to enjoying these fine planes again
sure wish i could get a contender and a raider! i do have blue prints and inatructions for the renegade and the turbo, wood versions. very glad to see you are still keeping the old tech alive.
thank you paul
rocky greenland

Keith Thomson

Many thanks Paul! This interview brought back some great memories. Both Charlie and yourself were my mentors in those days and I learned so much flying Charlies planes. Many pilgrimages to California and Oregon were enjoyed over those years. I still have that Woody Contender I flew at the Jamboree. It's the most fun all around sloper I ever owned. I think it's time to dig out some of those old planes sitting in my garage and get some flying in again.

Eagle butte anyone?

All the Best, Keith

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