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November 17, 2009


Kevin Lidar Services

I am just thinking if it can be use in Lidar also ? I mean maybe it can help in Lidar mapping. The video is good. Congrats.

Lidar Service Addict

Hey, that's awesome. It really flies and the idea is a no-brain great. Thank you for sharing this video.

Techno Lidar Analyst

All I can say is amazing!!! You are such a genius !!! I love it.I will ask my dad to buy that DVD very soon!!!

Lidar Picky

The Latest HLG Technology? That could be so interesting. You talking about the new DVD to ship? When? Just curios and a little bit interested.

Baby Lidar

Thank you for posting this video. That was great. You really made it.I am interested on that. Hope you can post more.

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