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June 28, 2011



The dead plane is a bird of time. Pilot was out in lift, started to fly the wrong plane, went in from 600 feet straight down into some trees, made a hell of a noise!.

The Radian Pro is a brick, sorry Radian fans. If there was good lift, no problem, when the sink hit, it was raining Radians. The bigger planes did better for sure. 2 meters or bigger is a must to be at the top, unless you are a great pilot.

Put a 3 meter plane and a heavy 2 meter at 200 meters in neutral conditions, which one will be down first?


Nice photos by the way! And what's the story on the sliced and diced plane?


Could/did the foamy Radians really have a chance against the composites? I have a Radian Pro and it sinks like a stone with the power off!

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