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June 23, 2012



Hi Paul - great information on the radian tune up. Is this just for the radian pro or does the same tune up apply to the radian?


Laurens Beerendonk

Hallo Paul,

Thank you for your advices about the Radian Pro.
When you lessen the decalage and you take the CG back, I think your plane will be much faster in flight. For thermalling this is not good, you need a slower pace to make use of the thermals. Am I right?

I tried to unscrew the stab mounts, unscrewing was easy, but the mounts were secure glued to the fuselage and would not come loose. I did not like to cut in the tail and weaken the structure, so for the moment I will leave it like it is. Trimming the elevator down is an other option.

Again thank you,

greetings from the Netherlands,

Laurens Beerendonk

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