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March 03, 2015



tow hooks take huge forces on launch, sure you could rig a retract hook, but added weight and complexity is not worth the small amount of drag saved.

Tape is on canopy as this was the planes first test flights and wanted to insure canopy was tight during high risk launches while tuning was completed. how to video shows how the hidden latches were installed, no tape used for further flights.

Flights were done at local certified AMA club field, no buildings were that close, and flying near power lines is normal for good pilots, though we always give them wide berth. No unsafe flying is shown, you don't know as much about these planes as you think. I have thousands of flight hours in 25 years of competitive flying.


Just watched the NAN Explorer vid. I am slightly familiar with these types of models. Some questions about the video; Why is the tow hook not retractable? It seems a waste to build a sleek plane and have this hanging out. Also, is that tape holding the canopy cover in place? I use tape on cheap slope ships but I would think a model costing several thousand would have a more permanent latch. Lastly, the video depicts flight very close to buildings and powerlines. This seems reckless for the caliber of your videos. Was this intentional?

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